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Welcome! I’m Sarah Wilson and I’m a Leadership Coach. 

I used to live my life in a constant state of anxiety created by a series of life events in my later childhood which developed a lack of self esteem and confidence that I'd continued to evidence well into adulthood. I was reasonably successful but certainly didn't feel it. My personal relationships were damaging and I felt totally out of control.

After creating my specialist practice, I now use my own story, journey and training to help others change their inner story and achieve their potential.

I’m Internationally Accredited in:

  • NLP as both a Coach & Practitioner,
  • Time Line Therapy™ 
  • Hypnotherapy 

"Am I good enough?" becomes "I am worthy of good things"

"What if people realise I’m not confident inside?" becomes "I am filled with calm, inner confidence"

"What if this isn’t the right decision?" becomes "I'm willing to step into my courage and listen to my intuition"

who do i work with?

I work with both corporate and personal clients to change inner stories by 1:1, group coaching, masterclasses and speaking.

Whilst more companies are opening their doors for women to be in more senior positions, you may find you don’t have the confidence to walk through it.

I do this by working with:

Private clients to:

  • focus on your own unique story
  • understand why you react, behave and speak the way you do
  • reprogramme your neural pathways to be able to respond to situations and be self compassionate
  • heal past pain and trauma
  • create daily healthy habits for your soul

I utilise live examples to ensure the sessions are bespoke to you.

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And companies to:

  • maximise their employees' potential
  • increase productivity and, therefore, profits
  • retain experience
  • lessen recruitment spend
  • support a healthy mindset around how their staff feel about themselves and cope with challenges
  • improve staff engagement


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