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corporate CLIENTS

I’m passionate about changing women's inner stories so they can step into the roles they deserve with true internal confidence. By achieving that, I’m also helping to address the gender imbalance in senior roles within corporate businesses.

You will have staff who seem confident on the outside but think:

  • "I can't speak up in meetings"
  • "Someone's going to find out I'm not as good at my job as they think I am"
  • "I'm so anxious, but I can't admit to anyone"
  • "I can't focus and I'm procrastinating. I know I'm not being productive"
  • "Things at home are affecting me but I mustn't allow it to affect my work"
  • "I feel isolated, even when I'm surrounded by people"
  • "I can't go for that promotion - I'm not good enough"
  • “I can’t cope with another internal change”

They have so much potential inside themselves that your business will never see due to a lack of:

  • Inner confidence
  • Efficiency
  • Ability to protect their own energies

Whilst more companies are opening their doors for women to be in more senior positions, you may find they don’t have the confidence to walk through it, meaning your leadership teams, from middle management upwards continue to be lacking in strong, confident women.

I don’t just deal with the symptoms but teach them to reprogramme the inner story that is dominating them, usually due to negative human interactions at a much earlier point in their life e.g. parent / teacher / family member.

Even people with seemingly happy childhoods have had something trigger a pattern of unhealthy thoughts.

I’ve attached a short presentation to help you understand more about me and an example of my bespoke offers.


services for corporate clients

Here are some examples of the services I provide to corporate clients. I make sure the package we put together is the most suitable. Through discussion, you tell me what you want to achieve and I'll tell you what will fit best.

NB. I don't require full disclosure into someone's past. I provide them with tools and strategies to make a change.

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1:1 Holistic coaching

Face to face coaching is available 1:1 and on Zoom. It supports staff to have focussed time on their specific issues and experiences and I can use their live examples to alter their thinking and realise their potential. Ideal for companies who recognise the requirement for a holistic approach to happy staff. This approach considers every area of their lives, not just work.

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A creative way to provide coaching for staff en masse. This is held 1:1 and face to face in a private room at your premises. We focus on one specific issue, to provide at least one action step they can take to move forward. Ideal for Change Management.

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Middle management often get forgotten, but these are potentially your future senior level managers. Each member gets a "hotseat" where we focus on their individual issues but we work as a team to offer support, encouragement, advice, experience sharing and discussion to create well rounded leaders.

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team talks

Team Talks can be tailored to suit your requirements. I will come in and either present or facilitate group discussions around a specified topic that fits your current needs. I have a catalogue of suggestions. Team Talks are from 20-45 minutes.

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As with Team Talks, these are tailored for your needs. I like to make these interactive and can provide access to a bespoke, supporting workbook, if required. Masterclasses can vary in length from 1 hour to a full day.