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The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as 'partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential'. 

Coaching and counselling do have key differences. I’ve had both, and coaching was where I got the most growth and longer term progress because the focus is on the moving forward rather than the problem and where it came from.

I use counselling skills in my role to draw the information out of you but instead of focussing on the problem and just allowing you to talk it out and find your own solutions, the coaching kicks in so I give you guidance, strategies and support to focus on how to move forward into your future, beyond the problem. You accept it’s a part of you but not the definition of you.

We will talk about past issues and incidents which form part of the cause of the difficulty you are experiencing. However, the coaching focusses more on moving you forward in a positive way, than on the issues themselves.

I support women in business who are not achieving their full potential in life due to relationships in their past or present which have left a negative imprint.

You have amazing potential inside each and every one of you just dying to be let out. But human interactions generally get in the way and we end up losing or never establishing our identity - normally starting in childhood.

You begin a pattern of negative self talk (internal dialogue) and continue to collect “evidence” throughout your life to “support” your beliefs about yourself that mean you feel undeserving, live in service of others, put yourself last,

Working together I can help and support you to tap back into that potential and find "you" again. Then you can watch the impact that has on the goals you want to reach because you can give yourself permission.

All I need is your commitment and a notebook and pen. There is nothing else you need to do once you have signed up and made payment except block some time in your diary for the actual session and 30 mins after if possible. You’ll also need some time in between sessions for the reflection I have asked you to do.

There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about but I know clients are sometimes nervous about that first session. You should feel you are having a chat with someone who totally understands and empathises with what you have or are experiencing. I create a warm, safe, non-judgemental space for you to open up and help you work through your experiences. 

If you want me to explain what I’m doing at any point, please do ask. It’s really about the outcomes as we explore and discuss.

Sometimes the sessions can make you upset especially if you are talking about past pain or a memory stirs that you had squashed down and forgotten about. 

I have a duty of care to you so, if the discussion we have had then triggers emotion, either during the session or afterwards, I am available to chat at certain times outside of the session too.

At the start of each session we will agree what we will work on during the session. The coaching sessions are a mixture of guided conversations with coaching strategies relevant to the difficulties you are facing. I have a massive "toolbox" of these strategies. In getting to know you better, I can pick out relevant strategies and tailor them to maximise your learning.

Sessions will include discussions around how you view yourself, your values and what is holding you back. We will explore your self-limiting beliefs, fears and habits and how these impact on the difficulty and your life as a whole.

In between sessions I will ask you to complete a specific area of reflective practice to either deepen your learning or to prepare you for our discussion the following week.

When I first started out, we were in lockdown and I was worried that we wouldn’t bond as well as we might in person but this has absolutely not been the case. I have met several clients after sessions finished as we created a close bond and, in some cases, ongoing friendships.

Having initially worried that not seeing people face to face would be a barrier, I am happy to say this hasn't been the case and I've built lovely relationships with my clients during this time. 

Due to starting my business during COVID-19 all sessions have been carried out remotely via Zoom. Having initially worried that not seeing people face to face would be a barrier, I am happy to say this hasn't been the case and I've built lovely relationships with my clients during this time. 

I intended to look at face to face sessions when the world started to open back up again but so many people prefer being in their own space and not having to worry about finding a parking space or coming to a building, that I have continued with online sessions.

Each session is approx. 60 mins. It’s good to have some time (20 mins) after each session to regroup but not essential. Then you need to allow approx. 2 hours additional time per week to reflect and focus on the reflective practice I’ve set. However, if you don’t do it, it’s not like school

We will regularly check in to see how you feel you are progressing against the outcomes you wanted. At the start of each session we will set a 'mini goal' of what you want to achieve in that session and check near the end that you feel we have achieved it.

If you have any concerns at any point, just let me know and we can change what we are doing and try something a bit different. 

1:1 programmes are initially for 13 sessions. Each month you have a week without a session to embed what we have discussed and strategies to create new habits. It equates to approximately 4 months together. Many clients find this the right amount of time for them, but some clients choose to work with me for longer. It’s up to us to discuss and agree nearer the end of the programme what your ongoing needs might be. No slot is ever released to a new client before the end of the sessions are agreed.

It works well if you can, but I have room to be flexible if you work shifts or have differing work commitments week to week

if you choose a programme which has added support between your sessions I will be available for additional support by phone, text or video call in case you have any questions or situations which crop up that you feel cannot wait until the next scheduled session. I don't want clients to feel a challenge that crops up should stop them making progress so I would rather take the time to get you back on track than wait for the next session.

VIP programmes allow you up to 4 additional one to one Zoom sessions without incurring an additional cost.

Currently the only in-person session I do is the 1:1 Luxury Retreat. If you are local I’m happy to meet face to face to decide if we could work together but there are so many benefits to online calls I’m not intending on changing that.

The only time I have to divulge any information about you is:

·         If I believe there is a risk of harm to yourself or others

·         With your permission to make referral to another agency for support or help.

Other than that, no information is divulged. Even if someone else is paying for the sessions, they do not know the content. They only know whether you attended the session or not and when sessions will end.

I’m registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and take their requirements seriously.

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