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Welcome! I'm Sarah Wilson.

I specialise in Leadership Coaching, empowering career-driven women to break free from limiting inner stories and unlock progression to roles you deserve.

I support and empower you via my unique S.U.C.C.E.S.S method, to take back control and enjoy success in every aspect of your life.

You are successful "on paper" but don't feel it inside. You live in constant fear that someone will find out that you are not as good at your job as they think, or that despite you appearing to "have it all" at work, your personal relationships don't reflect this.  You have a cycle of behaviours and thought patterns that stand in your way. You get frustrated by your "inner critic".

Challenges are generally linked to mindset and beliefs programmed in childhood creating an unhealthy inner story. Even those with seemingly happy childhoods have had life events or experiences with others trigger a pattern of unhealthy thoughts and behaviours. We believe it and continue to evidence it throughout our lives.

I interrupt that pattern and rewire your "programming". Helping you see the root cause of the issue empowers you to make different choices. Changing the story changes EVERYTHING. My life has been totally transformed - if I can do it anyone can.

Give yourself permission to attract success and happiness in every area of your life and BOOK A CALL TODAY (click on the button below).

how to work with me

There are a number of different ways to work with me. The first step is a free phone consultation which you can book above:

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face to face 1:1 coaching

1:1 sessions mean we can work specifically on your story, your thoughts and feelings and examples of what you are experiencing now. We dig deep to find the "source point" for the patterns of behaviour and mindset you want to let go of. I teach you how to give yourself permission for things to be different in your life and how to change your energy to attract success and happiness. 

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luxury retreat

A deep dive retreat that gets you away from day to day life to focus wholly on you. Set in a little piece of heaven it includes an overnight stay, dinner, breakfast, lunch, 90 minute spa treatment, afternoon tea, intensive coaching on the day plus resources and catch up sessions to keep you on track. Perfect for a crisis point where you need big changes. Click on the image for more information.

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Masterclasses are held regularly throughout the year. These are low-cost, interactive sessions on a specified topic. These are also recorded if you are unable to attend live. There is a VIP option to get access to supporting resources and a 60 minute 1:1 session.

Check out my social media for information on what classes are coming up.

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Join the Club! This is the free Facebook Group for women in business, either as business owners or career professionals

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fem-powered success lounge membership

A paid, exclusive membership for women in business ready to uplevel their mindset to enjoy success. There are 5 live sessions per month around a theme and community access. The doors are currently closed for new members but are due to reopen in July 23.