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About Me

I started coaching alongside my corporate role in 2016, where I worked in the Social Housing sector in roles involving child protection, domestic violence and policy.

I had a fabulous start to my childhood, as a “team” with my parents. Life events and secrets hit the family between the ages of 9-11, causing a fracture in our relationship. As children do, I made up my own reasons that the distance with my parents was down ton me – I’d done something wrong and now my parents no longer loved me in the same way. I was tolerated and not good enough.

Entering adulthood, I continued to evidence my story (we don't make a habit of proving ourselves wrong) and lack of self worth by attracting toxic relationships and playing small in my career.

This pattern of self sabotage culminated in an emotionally abusive marriage, which I left in 2009. This started my personal development journey, aged 32. As I grew, learnt and tried new methods I realised I could use my own experiences to help other women work through their own self-esteem and confidence issues and build their values and identity too.

I wanted to do more with the coaching but the time wasn't right. I ended up creating my specialist practice during the 2020 pandemic. I've already supported many women to achieve life changing results.

I now live with my husband and two amazing teens who are shortly heading to college and university.

Away from the business I can be found on coastal or woodland walks with my two dogs, where I relax with photography. Having trained in Musical Theatre but unable to pursue this as a career, I indulge in my passion for singing with the national Rock Choir. I've developed a spiritual side so love to nourish my soul with card readings, affirmations, journalling, visualisation and meditation.

Now the world is opening up again, I am excited to continue a new passion of travelling to new places with my husband or friends and sampling champagne or cocktails!

SARAH ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I had a great experience with Sarah, she was supportive and understanding but also able to offer very practical advice.

I started working with Sarah at difficult time in my life, but I am now able to see things much more positively in my work, friendships and family relationships.

I put this shift in mindset down to the help Sarah gave me, so would have no hesitation in recommending her."

KELLY ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"My journey with Sarah was absolutely fantastic, I made such great progress in the 2 months we spoke and feel like I can once again take on the world. Sarah helped with such a broad spectrum of challenges from my past, work, relationships and changing my mindset to make the right decisions going forward. I will continue to use the tools we worked on and stop painting my red flags green (if you know, you know) Sarah is kind, caring, professional and a great listener and the list goes on. You will not be disappointed and I'm sure you will feel like the weight you have been carrying will be lifted and you will be in control. Thanks a million Sarah!!!"

HANNAH ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Sarah has helped me immensely with personal and professional struggles and supported me through a really difficult time.

Through our sessions Sarah has helped me to build a toolkit to look after myself each day and reduce struggles in the future.

I'm so grateful for her support and would recommend her to others looking for help through difficult periods in life."