Beat The January Blues

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Research shows that January Blues and New Year Depression are a very real thing


January – I don’t know many people who love January, not even the people who have birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Christmas has ended, we’ve overindulged, everyone is back to work and school, New Year’s resolutions get broken, it’s cold (often wet and grey) and springtime feels a long way away.


So how do we get past those things and make the most of January to get our year off to a great start?


Here are my top tips:

  • Fresh year = fresh notebook/journal – I always start with a list of things that make me happy and bring moments of joy into my life. Some of mine include buying a magazine, lighting my candles and walks on the beach. Once you have your list, commit to adding these into your routine
  • Focus on gratitude – every night I take time as I’m sitting in bed to make a list of the things I’m grateful for that day and any wins (no matter how small) I have had. I have a specific notebook for this so it is by my bedside all the time, prompting me and I can look back over it and see that things are pretty awesome in my life. Gratitude grows.
  • Vitamin D – By January any Vitamin D we stored has long gone. Vitamin D supplements are very important as is getting outside into any sunshine we do get. If you have a deficiency of Vitamin D you may need to see a medical professional
  • The Blues vs. depression – January blues is one thing but clinical depression is another. If you feel you might be depressed, take the online quiz created by the NHS and follow the advice when you get your results
  • Get your diary out – lessen the impact of January by making plans with friends/family and getting things in your diary to look forward to. You could book a holiday or trip away too


If you are struggling, please make sure you talk to those around you and let them know how you are feeling. Here’s a list of helplines you can contact too.


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