Top Tips for the Challenges of Working from Home

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When COVID hit, the world opened up in a new and different way. Companies/businesses who previously thought online options were not the way forward were forced to implement working and communicating online.


They started to see the benefits too:

  • People can be productive when working from home – sometimes more so without the usual distractions
  • Overhead costs of offices significantly lessened with everyone being from home
  • No commute to and from work meaning people could get to meetings on time and less frazzled
  • Better life/work balance – people got to see their family more and take up hobbies
  • Geographical pool of potential talent got bigger for recruitment purposes


Flexible working started to become more popular. Most companies decided on “hybrid” working – a mixture of remote and office based. Some companies including Capital One and Ford even opted for fully remote working options (


Now we are much further into this new world I’m observing other challenges coming out that are having a negative impact on emotional wellbeing in the clients I see:


  • The work day isn’t set – you end up working earlier in the morning because you don’t have a commute and grabbing your laptop in the evenings because it’s there
  • Your company are too flexible – you can go in whichever days you choose meaning you don’t see the same faces and build relationships with those people
  • The company seems much smaller because of the limitations of who you speak to
  • You are missing out on “watercooler” moments which help with relationship building, progression and knowing what’s going on
  • You feel isolated working from home
  • Your office isn’t something you can get away from each day – you are using your dining table or bedroom and so your work is visible when it’s time for downtime


So here are my top tips for coping whilst working from home:


1)    Structure – ensure you are clear what hours you are working, take a lunch break each day otherwise you are working for free

2)    Efficiency – work out your best times of the day and plan your diary around that wherever possible. No point starting work early if you are not a morning person

3)    Educate your family – just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you can be constantly interrupted or are there to do lots of other chores

4)    Face to Face contact – each week ensure you go into the office on the same days as the rest of your team or ensure you are getting out and seeing people at networking events. Worst case scenario – have some Zoom meetings which are for general chatting rather than work

5)    Clarify expectations – if your manager messages you at 10pm, is it just them doing so whilst they think about it rather than you being expected to respond

6)    Keep it separate – if you can have a separate office you can close the door on, then ensure you close the door at the end of your working day

7)    Get outside every single day – even if that’s on your balcony or your garden.

8)    Get dressed. It’ll make you feel more “work like” if you are dressed in something smarter than your pjs. Also means going outside is easier!


I’m Sarah Wilson. I am an experienced Self Esteem, Confidence & Identity expert and I coach successful professional women so they break free of their self-sabotaging inner dialogue because life events in my own childhood led to toxic relationships with myself and others.


I also work with businesses who are totally on-board with the idea that their employees’ wellbeing is directly correlated to retention, efficiency and satisfaction in the workplace.


I run in-person events in Littlehampton for those struggling with the isolation of working at home. It’s called The Procrastination Café and gives you the opportunity to co-work and get something you’ve been procrastinating on off your list, followed by open networking. The next one is:


Tuesday 28th March 11am – 1pm at Tides Café on Pier Rd.


Here’s the link to book your FREE place.

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