Your Current Reality is a Reflection of your Inner Story

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Here’s how to make a change

Your reality is a reflection of your inner story and your inner child’s thought processes and feelings. As “inner child” is such a dry term, I use “Princess”. Your Princess is a previous version of you who is stuck at the age she was created by negative experiences and interactions.


Whatever your Princess’s story is, it’s reflected into your reality right now. She is easily triggered when current experiences appear similar to whatever experience created her.


For example, my Princess was created when I was 10-12, when my relationship with my parents changed. They kept my Mum’s illness a secret and I was aware that things were different. I told myself that I’d done something wrong and my parents just didn’t love me anymore.


Later in life, the more I pushed her away the louder she got, the more scared she became, the more she shouted and stamped her feet and the more I had to pay attention to her fears.


Your inner Princess is trying to communicate with you every time you:


  • Experience imposter syndrome
  • Have difficult relationships with friends, family or a partner
  • Overthink
  • Procrastinate
  • Make mistakes at work,
  • Feel anxious and/or depressed
  • Lose a job


If she was create to feel unworthy, your reality evidences that so you can keep telling yourself you are not worthy. It comes out as.


So, what are the solutions?


  • Manage and properly process what you have experienced
  • Develop resilience and then reprocess the memories
  • Take the learning and then release the rest
  • Find different perspective which sometimes includes compassion for yourself and others
  • Learn how to communicate with your Princess so she feels supported and reassured
  • Change your beliefs about what you are worthy of
  • Affirm what you want – your inner world reflects your outer reality. Want to change reality? Then you need to change what you are thinking and feeling


All of this gives you capacity for courage which builds confidence. It creates your identity and healthy sense of self who feels and is abundant.


And this is a high-level overview of what I do with my clients using experiences and examples of their current reality, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


You can, of course, do this alone but I ensure that you have solid foundations in all these much faster and more successfully with my training, experience and ensure it speaks directly to YOU.


Book an initial chat here where we can discuss what you are currently experiencing and how I may be able to help you with that.

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